Sunday, November 27, 2011

WIP: SD Wing Gundam XXXG - 01W

 I want to show you one of my birthday hauls. This is a bit late to post due to lack of time and also, I was thinking if I'm going to post it here even if it is still WIP. Anyway here is my new Gundam kit and as you can see, I got hooked on Gunpla too! LOL

Why this kit?

Few reasons:

#1 This kit is sooooo COOOOL! you'll know why later. (but I guess not in this post... sorry! haha)

#2 The price is lowered to 50% of its original price man...! (and of course there is always a "why?" you'll find out later in this post =] )

#3 I am currently watching Gundam Wing series and I like this Gundam though my favorite is Sandrock. (wish I'll found an SD of that Gundam...) though I haven't watched Endless Waltz.

The contents.

3 parts for the head. I was surprised that there are 3 parts just for the head. I thought this is just the same with my RX93. So basic LOL. This is so fun to build >:)

My hands are getting itchy for the panel lines XD

Nice detailed head but I can't help to compare it with my RX93.. I think that's cuter.. hmm..


I love that backpack

and for the shoulders

I was so careful not to lose a polycap. just can't afford to lose one..

Done with the arms and shoulders. So much articulation for an SD. Even those hand can be moved. I'll be  really surprised if Bandai can make the fingers articulated too LOL

For the leg and feet. 

Just by looking at those legs and feet makes me feel so excited!

I don't know how they call that lower part of the suit. Is that a skirt?

And here is the catch for the "50% off" price of this kit.

Though on the price tag, it says "Complete", it's not!

That missing part is a small red square that should fill that square hole. Well I think that small plastic is not so important in building the kit so I still chose to buy it. (of course I won't if it is!). I'll soon find a remedy for that missing part :)

The Gundam is almost done! yipee! This is pretty easy to build. Well I guess it is just enough for my spare time. I can't manage to do HG or maybe MG? now.

And the wings. It is not Wing Gundam without it.

The only weapon it has.

And the sheild / cockpit of the jet?

Also, what I like about this kit is it includes a base. I don't need to buy for my pictorial :)

Okay. That's all for now. Wish me luck for a successful build :) Cheers!

Friday, November 18, 2011


I just want to share my two favorite 4x4's by Tomica

A Wrangler and an old Land Cruiser ;-)


Tomica is one of the best in giving a very detailed look for a 1:64 diecast model. No wonder that their price is higher than the other brands..

 This is the first time I saw that Jeep logo on the bumper. I didn't notice that before.

That extra wheel is my favorite part of this Wrangler. I really want to have a 1:1 Jeep Wrangler! *drool*

 And this one is everyone's favorite LOL. 'coz man, this casting of Tomica is a very expensive line of collection! You can almost buy a lot of regular Hotwheels for just a piece... well those are exclusives not like this that I have. This LC is from 40th anniversary and I just got it for 300 bucks. At least I have one. I doubt if I'd be able to buy more LOL.

I love that Toyota logo on both sides..

But I also want it yellow like my Wrangler. I'm planning to repaint it so I won't be tempted to purchase a yellow version (I will if someone sells it for 80% off or lowered it to 300 bucks

and these are my favorite 4x4's. I hope you like them too :)

Iron Man's Cobra

Starky-starky night...

Paint your palette blue and red...

Starky-starky night...

Flaming engine that brightly blaze...

LOL, apologies for the long wait and the... song. Here's my review of my recent haul Iron Man II themed Shelby Cobra 427 by Maisto. I can say that Maisto did a good work for this Cobra, though I found some minor paint errors on some parts of the car.

Like this one on the side of the hood scoop.

Well, you get what you pay for. We know that Maisto's not so pricey like the other brands.

 and still they were able to make it well-detailed.

I love those seats!

All in all, this one rocks! And this is also my favorite 1:24 scale Cobra that I have. More than my Jadas :) I look forward for another Super Hero themed Cobra by Maisto. Please, a Batman?

 Next to have is Kyosho! I wish! HAHA.

"This time the suit makes the Cobra".

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I attended the DCPH Swapmeet + Xavier Toy Convention yesterday held at Xavier School in Greenhills.

Here are some pictures taken from the event ;)

Lots of diecasts
 and lots of people too..
 Gundam mode
I want to add panel lines!
 This is my favorite Gundam here.
 An empty track
 Bike lovers can come to Toy Cons too :)
Wasabi Toys. The cheap toy store in town :)
My friend's favorite version of Masked Rider haha!

Event ticket
A 1:1 Mini Cooper
The funny thing is on our way home, we spotted three other Minis in different places.
Sneak peak of my Swapmeet "Super" hauls. 
Two of my favorite.

Will post more later ;)

Hope you enjoy :)
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