Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Maisto Elite Transport Ford Model A

Hello guys. Today, I'm sharing you a haul I found during my stay in Qatar for holiday vacation. This is from AllStars Elite Transport by Maisto.

I admit this is not something I usually buy but when I saw it, I know I want it haha.

Before, I was not a fan of rat rods. I didn't like them. But when I started to do customs and saw some works of great artists, I learned to appreciate them and in fact, I already tried to build one.

The shark face on side is a very popular design for the rat rod Ford Model A. What I just don't like here is it is just a decal and it doesn't look realistic to me haha. I would appreciate it more if it's painted. Well, you just get what you paid for.

I love the color scheme they use here. Yellow and blue with zamac body and white walls is very appealing and very rat rod - ish

And as a truck fan, I considered buying this because of the trailer. But I think a tow truck would be better also for a vintage look.

And because I really love these castings, I bought an extra one for a future project so that I can make my custom version of this, a purely painted version :D

That's all for now. I hope you liked it :)


  1. the concept of this line is very interesting, i must say... the final result, well... the price point certainly determines it =/... i can’t help but remember the Bone Shaker looking at that Ford... the color scheme is very nice... the truck looks a bit odd... the car, on the other hand, looks pretty fine even with the sort of fake shark decal... not my favorite brand as i guess you already know, but still a reasonable choice for specific purposes (or should i say, dark purposes ??? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)... =)

  2. hey thanks dude. yes it reminds me of the bone shaker too that's why I also considered to buy it. Same sentiment about the truck. it just look.... rat rod hahahaha!

    yeahh.. let's see what my custom version would look like. :D

    thanks for visiting again pal ;)


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