Monday, April 30, 2012

Matchbox Model "A" Ford

Hi guys! Yes I'm here again (I said in my last post that I'll be off for a while but I think one week is long enough LOL) I just can't help myself to blog today as I have opened some old hauls and I can't just let this pass without sharing it :D

Oh, I haven't bought a battery for my camera yet so they are still low quality pictures but I tried to enhance them using an editor.

Okay, let's talk about trucks... not just trucks.. those good ol'...

Model "A" truck by Matchbox.

This one is a gift or in our club, we call it "RAOK" - Random act of kindness, by Mr. Emil or bruticus. Such a generous man :D this is made in Macau - written on the base.

And a special edition Matchbox Toy Show in Hershey, PA.

Set them free weeeee! haha

Kellogg's Rice Krispies - my first Model A. I got it from one of the DCPH Swapmeets I attended and at that time, I had no idea what kind of truck this was. I just loved its vintage look.

And this one with Philadelphia football team logo is my favorite, though I'm not a fan of them nor of football. I think this one is rare. I found it in a cheap diecast store waiting for its owner, or maybe waiting for me?

Group pic.

Whoa! they have a new home now :) I got this wooden display case last month. The price is reasonable so I bought it. It can hold 24 cars and my trucks here just fit right in. 20 spaces to go! Hahaha!

Why did I use Mr. Bean as the background? Not really sure but it's the first thing I got so he's there LOL!

Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed the show ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mod #7 Classic Packard Rat Rod WIP part 1

Hi guys. It's been a while since my last post. The truth is, I have lots of stuff to share and I am very excited since last week BUT I can't take pictures of my latest and old hauls - the reason is, the battery of my camera died out! After long hours of charging time, I could just take less than 10 pictures before the battery gets empty. Oh well.. I guess it's time to find a replacement for my retired battery.

So here, I just used my phone's camera so excuse the not so good quality pictures.

I tried a new style of customizing which is the Rat rod. I started working on it last week and put it in pending because of busy schedule.

Some of you might not want it and some might love it as I do. Rat rod is an automotive art I must say.

It was not hard for me to find what casting to use for this project. I already have one available which I can say is a perfect casting to make a rat rod.

This is the victim or should I say, the soon-to-be-Obra Maestra.

Hot Wheels Classic Packard.

I love it's vintage look. This was released in 1982 whoa! I can still remember the smell of it's paint when I took it out of the blister pack.


First step is of course, disassemble everything.

Next is cutting which is... something I hate and something I am proud of when things go smoothly :D

I started with the chassis. The extra wheels on both side if you will notice is attached to the chassis so I had to cut them.

Cut the bumper.

Next step is to cut the hood and the exhaust at the back.

Done :)  (Sooo many cutting!)

Front view

Rear - doesn't look good.. but It will be easy to fix using a putty :)

Stripped the paint.

Try....Looking good so far ;)

That's all for now. Hopefully, will have it done ASAP LOL!

Thanks for viewing :D

Monday, April 9, 2012

One Piece Set 2

Hi Everyone! Happy Easter! :) God bless us all.

I had a chance yesterday to take pictures of my old buddies here (discovered them while I was checking my dusty treasure box) maybe they're mad at me because they were supposed to have been posted here for quite a long time - I bought them last year and that was before I bought my Set 1.

Oops.. before anything else, this post is not likeable for those who are very particular with brands. I am pertaining to those who hates boot leg... or in short.. fake :)

This set is not made by Bandai unlike the first set that I posted. I found them in a local store here. I just appreciated that they are very detailed - that they look like the real ones but of course, for a cheaper price. The original version of this series is made by Banpresto.

For those of you who's a fan of One Piece, I thought this set is about when Kaya gave the Going Merry to Luffy and his friends (Straw Hat Pirates).

But the presence of these two giants is quite confusing... They aren't in the picture yet when Luffy's gang had the Going Merry.. and then I realized, they are all from Usopp's memories or those that are special to Usopp.

This is Usopp or also known as Sogeking! He's a good friend to Luffy and the fourth member of Luffy's crew as their sniper.

The two giants, Broggy and Dorry. Luffy's team met them when they stayed in the island called Little Garden and there, they became friends.

Kaya, Usopp's childhood friend. She loves listening to his stories even though she knows they're just products of Usopp's imagination.

Captain Kuro - the captain of the Black Cat Pirates who tricked Kaya and her parents. He tried to terrorized the Syrup Island but failed when Luffy beat him.

Jango - right hand of Captain Kuro. He is well known for his ability to hypnotize.

Monkey D. Luffy - Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. He has eaten the Devil's Fruit Gomu Gomu which made him a rubber man. He's well known because of his straw hat and that is also the reason why they are called the Straw Hat Pirates. This figure is when he tried to draw their pirate flag logo -- and that was the best part LOL.

The Going Merry - named after it's creator, Merry, Kaya's family butler. This is the Straw Hat Pirates' first ship. This was given to Luffy and his crew - that time there were only four of them (Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Luffy) - in Syrup Island after they defeated Captain Kuro.

Phew! That was loooong... Sorry I'm not very good in describing and telling stories! LOL! But I love blogging about toys hahaha.


Thanks for visiting :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

mod #6 Vespa White Cobra

I was losing hope that I'll be able to finish this project as I tried something advanced with this one. I thought it'll be just a waste after so much thing has been done.

I re-costumed the Shelby Cobra from this post.

The idea was to remove the hood scoop and cut out the side pipes and the exhaust from the chassis.

Removing the hood scoop is quite easy, and easier if I have a good equipment to do it. But since the only material I have is sand paper, I spent 5 hours or so on sanding.... manually / using bare hands :) It's fun while watching a movie - try it :D

hood scoop has been removed
And the hardest part that almost made me quit, is the side pipes. Cutting it is easy because the chassis is made of plastic but the problem is, it's my first time to use a saw so, the cut wasn't clean. And you can imagine how the chassis looked like after that.

The remedy is the Epoxy putty! Hurrahhh! I was able to clean the mess after all.

Then, here's the workaround for the alternative exhaust.

I cut the wires into small pieces.

Used Epoxy putty to glue the wires.

The enlarged headlights is also made of putty.

Painted it with Vespa White (it looks like plain white in the picture).

I didn't use the windshield. I made one from the blister pack of the Epoxy. The result is nice, though.

The inspiration of this project came from this picture that I saw while browsing the internet.

picture borrowed from: 

Though the result doesn't look the same with the Cobra in the picture, and I won't put decals, I'm quite satisfied and happy with the output :)

Thanks for looking :)

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