Wednesday, December 21, 2011

6th Christmas Toyfair and 1st Philippine Die Cast and Custom Car Show

I attended the 6th Christmas Toyfair and 1st Philippine Die Cast and Custom Car Show held at Megatrade hall, Megamall this Sunday. Here are some pictures I took during the event.


DCPH swapmeet is also part of this event. But sorry to disappoint you, didn't bag so much hauls this time :(

Diecast custom competition! I think this is the first time they did this. Too bad I wasn't able to join :(

One of my favorite entries :)

More of Cars

Another favorite...

All entries are great work!

Toyota Trueno AE86. I'm a fan of this drifting car, and I actually bought one by Tomica but it needs a full restoration because the paint is not in good condition at all.

Everyone loves Cars! :)


Import racers..

More of my IronCar LOL

Entries with bigger scale.

But I think this is my "winner" haha. I guess this entry is by a DCPH member. Well, I know many good "customiser" in the club LOL.

Okay... torn between two Cobras above...... All I can say is.... WOW \m/

Sorry for the not so good quality of the photos. I just used my phone's camera here.

Looking forward for the next ToyCon.. I wish there'll be more toys next time..........


I would like to share my friend's Christmas gift to me.

Tail Dragger by Hot Wheels.

Thanks Rowi (Crimson Comet's Girlfriend) for the wonderful gift! :)

This is an addition to my vintage cars collection. 

Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Despicable me

The minions with their master, Gru

* I posted these two minions here before. I called them Stuart and Dave though I'm not really sure if that's their name LOL! I just love these minions :D

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mod #5 Mr. Bean's Mini WIP part 2

Work is still in progress.

Here are some steps I did:


The Bean Mini's color is somewhat yellow-green but I think it is more yellowish... But because I am just using spray paints, I cannot mix a yellow and a green paint. So I tried something else.

 First, I coated it with green paint, maybe 2-3 layers. Since green is darker than yellow, if I coat it with yellow on top, it will just turn to yellow green . Hurrah!

Then I just applied yellow paint until I got the color that I desire. :)

Then the hood. The famous Mr. Bean's ride has a black matte hood so here I painted the hood with flat black :)

Then for the roof, this is the disappointing part here because I have to paint the roof separately. Burago made it a plastic.... how awful. Anyway, I did the same with the roof but I first coated it with primer because it's plastic - glossy.

BTW, the green paint is leaf green. There are various shades of green but I think this one made a good combination with yellow for the Bean's Mini.

Friday, December 9, 2011

WIP Gunner Zaku Warrior

I got bored with my Mr. Bean's Mini so I decided to unbox this Gundam while waiting for the paint to dry :-) (not so patient kiddo)

This kit has been in my room for almost a month now and today I had some spare time to start building it. Yipppeeee! so excited to see my first Zaku :)



 And my ever reliable cheap tools for Gunpla :)

I bought markers for panel lining in our local bookstore. LOL budget is tight, no Gundam markers for now ;)

Let's start building the Zaaaaku!

Head - cute haha!

The upper body

Arms. I think this SD has a good articulation - based on the numbers of polycaps I used LOL

Looking good so far...

 Legs and feet.

Lower body.

This will be the first kit that I'll be using a marker. Before, I just used enamel but found it to be messy. I hope my Gundam marker alternative will be good for panel lining LOL.

Wish me luck.

I'll keep you posted ;)
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