Saturday, September 29, 2012

DCPH Swapment @ SM Center, Las Pinas

Last Saturday September 22, 2012, another successful DCPH Swapmeet was held and this time, I must say it's more fun! Few factors why: 1) again, it's near my place, 2) I got great hauls again. 3) awesome diecast display! :D and 4) I had my first picture with my fellow collectors LOL!

The Marketplace.


Everyone's favorite, Disney Cars Collection

The busy Tomy Towns

Random themed

Ford F-100's

Multi-scale Supercars themed

One of the best themed display and line of collection.

1:12 scale Mercedes-Benz SLR by CMC. I'm not very familiar with the model but they say it's one of the high class brand. I'm quite sure that it's a high class by just looking at that mouthwatering detailed engine and features and not to mention its cost! Any wild guess of the price? LOL

And this is my top 1 in my list. Hummer Collection.

Very focused collection.

And that US Hummer is just awesome...

Jada's casting is one of the best for for the Hummer plus, they offer it for a very decent price.

It was really fun! Thanks to DCPH for having such wonderful event. Those displays are really inspiring.
I look forward to have my own display too in one of the upcoming Swapmeets! :D

'til the next post. Thanks for visiting :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hobby Dumpy @ 1st Year!

I'd like to thank all who supported Hobby Dumpy especially to those who are following my blog from the beginning.

SUPER THANK YOU! :D It's a pleasure to be a part of this toy bloggers community :) It's been a wonderful year with you guys.

Hobby Monster wants to say thank you too. He's having a blast :D

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Toy Story and Monsters Inc.

Disney has become part of our childhood. Most of our favorite cartoon characters are from their creations. I can't remember how many times I've watched Beauty and the Beast, played with my Mickey and Donald toys, and those Disney's story books I've read before I went to sleep. They just made our wonderful childhood days very memorable--oh how I miss childhood... that's why I'll always love toys :)

When Walt Disney and Pixar merged, it only meant one thing to us (kids): more fun!

One of my favorite cartoons to date is Toy Story by Pixar (they haven't merged with Disney yet for the first and second movie). The story of that movie is really something that a child would really love. It's like..."Whoa! My toys might really talk when they're alone!"

Since I've been into a LEGO craze lately, here's another Minifigures by them. This time, it comes with a fridge magnet as their stand.

Here's my Disney's Toy Story LEGO Minifigures :)

The good thing with these Minifigures is the magnet can be very useful haha! I removed them from the magnet stand and put the magnets on the fridge.

Sheriff Woody. He acts as the leader of Andy's toys.

The space ranger, Buzz Lightyear - Woody's best pal. He's my no. 1 favorite! :D

And the squeeze toy Alien. There are supposed to be three of them together but only one is included in the pack.

These next toys should have been posted a while back. I acquired them last year when I was in a mall with my friend when suddenly we found some bargain capsule toys. I got hyped up when I found out what's inside those capsules so I dug in for the treasures! LOL!

These cars are made by Takara Tomy. They're made of plastic and approximately 1 1/2 inches.

I got Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. and Alien, Buzz, and Woody from Toy Story.

And what can you say about this picture?? The Minifigs just look perfect with their 4-wheel counterparts :D

Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc. Unfortunately I don't have their Minifigures.. Well, I haven't seen one anyway. I don't think LEGO has created any.

One thing I noticed, Sully really does look like the Philippine Jeepney, if you have seen one. I wonder if it was inspired by that.

And that's all for today. :)

'til the next post ;)
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