Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Red Garage

Rain won't stop since this morning so it's impossible for me to go anywhere today! :(

I decided to organize my display cab (again). I rummaged through my treasure box to see if there are other toys that can be included in the cabinet and found a 1:32 Shelby Cobra by New Ray still inside its box. When I saw the carton base, I had an idea. So here's the result :D

I unscrewed the base and detached the Cobra. The checkered base triggered the idea and thought it to be perfect for my project.

And finally, after almost a year, I can now use this garage tool by GreenLight. I knew I would use this someday! :D

Fresh from the blister pack.

There are two holes on the base from which the Cobra was screwed and I was scratching my head thinking of a way to cover those holes. I just realized that I can actually use this for a car lift. Yes, a car lift. I am not very familiar with the variety of equipment inside a garage but the image of a car lift popped in my head, so I created one for my garage.

The post is made of sprue from a Gundam kit. I used super glue for the adhesive. It looks perfect :D The sample car above is a casting by GreenLight, I chose to use Greenlight casting to suit the size of the tools.

I realized that everything here is red. Red background, red equipment... so it was only natural that the car should be red :D So I replaced the car (I didn't paint it red if that's what you are thinking LOL) with a red variant.

My red garage! or should I say, Valentine's garage? hahaha.

I just used a Mooneyes sticker from a Johnny Lightning Shelby Cobra as a decoration (Yes, I know how to decorate...somehow :D)


All I need now are some people in my garage.. I'm going to look for 1:64 scale figures.

Sneak peek to my cabinet :D

It became a productive day after all :)

Thanks for looking. I hope you like it.

DCPH 7th Club Car - Morris Mini

Hello fellow collectors. I hope you're doing fine and doing great in hunting for toys :D

This was a stormy day... the reason why I wasn't able to attend our table tennis practice today. My friend living near the tennis court advised me that some of the streets there are flooded so I decided to cancel our practice.

Good thing that afternoon, the heavy downpour subsided and I was able to go to the mall. I really have to go though not just because I "need" to buy toys haha... but for some other reasons.

On with the goodies. One of my online purchases this time is one of the DCPH club cars. This is a bit late 'coz this is actually issued two years ago and they are about to release a new club car for this year to celebrate the club's 9th year anniversary.. Yipee! :)

I got this from a fellow member of DCPH who decided to let go of his club car collection. I got it for a lower price and that makes me a happy buyer :)
This is the first club car that I bought and probably the only one I'll own until they decide to have a Shelby Cobra club car (WOW a Shelby Cobra club car?!!)...

The main reason why I decided to get this is of course it's a must have in my Mini collection as it represents our club, although I was not a member yet when it was issued.

If you'll notice on the DCPH logo, that diecast car is a Shelby Cobra... if I'm not mistaken... well.... I am 99% sure about that :D I'm very excited to see how a Shelby Cobra club car will look like. Definitely they are saving this casting for a special year like.. 10th anniv? 25th? or the golden?? @_@

They did a great job for this custom. The design is perfect for me :)

I've heard that there are real riders that were issued but only limited :(

That's all for now. I hope you like it. Until the next post :D

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wall E

Happy weekend everyone. This day was quite tiring. I just learned to play table tennis and it's really fun, though I'm not really sporty. It just feels good to break a sweat sometimes :D

And so... I'm going to show you what I got today. This only means playing table tennis won't stop me from hunting for toys hahaha.

Disney's Wall-E

This movie is one of  Pixar's masterpieces although some didn't enjoyed watching it and I'm one of the guilty peeps :D

I know it is a very educational movie but the whole time I was watching it, the only words I heard were "Eve...." and "Wall E..." Good thing at the middle part, there were humans talking in English.

I would love to have Eve as well.

This stands approximately 3 inches. This is the dirty version according to the seller's description and I'm not sure if there's a clean version of it hahaha. I prefer it dirty though. I just love everything in this figure. It has the basic articulations such as can move it's hand, arms and head.

I'm planning to bring Wall-E with me to different places and post his pictures here. I think that would be a good addition to my blog :)

I hope you enjoyed :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thousand Sunny DX

The Thousand Sunny - Straw Hat Pirates' second ship from the anime One Piece.

The box.

Front. Always look for the Bandai sticker like the one on the lower right corner of the box to be sure that the item is a genuine product by Bandai.

This is my favorite part of the box. I just love the cover haha.

Back part.

Sneak peak of what's inside :)

and the content :)

Monkey D. Luffy with Sunny.

Chopper and Brook with Little Merry.

Roronoa Zoro.

Zanji the cook.

 Franky and Ussopp

Nico Robin and Nami inside my favorite part of their ship :D

 The whole crew and their boats and submarine :)

One thing that I didn't like here is they made Sunny's face gold. In the anime, it's just yellow and orange.

This is not the grand ship collection. I prefer this one because the figures are all painted already unlike the grand ship. That seems to be more for adults though, because the details are more precise as well as the sizes of figures.

I placed this on the top of my display cabinet. It really looks good there. Oh by the way, I haven't mentioned earlier, I already have my display cab! Yey! It is not yet organized, I just placed everything there to free some space in my room. I decided to put the cabinet in the living room so visitors can see it - yeah, I want to show off my collection LOL!

Thanks for dropping by again. I hope you enjoyed looking ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HW US Mail Combat Medic

HELLO everyone! :)

It's good to be back. It's been a while since my last post. It was quite a busy month for me that I couldn't find time to blog and go toy hunting; it is also an opportunity to give my wallet a break from buying toys LOL.

But the good news is.... I have so many things to share! Those are previous hauls (before the busy month) and I just can't decide which to post first.

So I decided to start with this one to welcome the rainy month of July.

This is a vintage Combat Medic casting by Hot Wheels. Released in 1976 and, yes, like any other vintage diecast in my collection, it is older than me. But this one is not mine. I bought it for a friend in DCPH. He has a good taste indeed in choosing his line of collection. This one is a cool casting and I think not common as well.

I found this in a local store and it is just amazing that after so many years, it seems to still be in really good condition--the wheels are perfectly rolling, windshield and the doors at the back is not broken and, well, that may not be the case with the paint and you can't tag this as "mint" but the fact that it's a 36 year old toy and is barely loose fascinates me. :D

I wonder if my custom diecast paint will last like this one.. I know that these diecast toys manufacturers use a special kind of paint, they use powder paint and put the toys in oven to make it durable. And it is proven.


That's all for now. Looking forward to post more blogs this week.

Thanks for visiting :)
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