Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mod #5 Mr. Bean's Mini WIP part 3

Whew! Sorry guys for the long wait. It's been long lazy months since I last did customs! It's frustrating for me to realize this project has been pending for a long time. So today I decided to post the very slow progress. I can say this is 90% done.

I want it to be a close replica of Mr. Bean's ride so I didn't stop with just replicating the paint but I added other designs too to make it just like the real car.

One of those is the funny padlock. 

The material used was an old top up card filled with epoxy and wire for the connector and the hook of the padlock.

Detailed the headlights.

And taddaaaa! :-)

But this is just 90% done. I want to put a decal for the car plate just like Mr. Bean's and some other stuff to add. I might do a wheel swap too if I find better wheels.

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  1. well, this time i’m gonna be laconic, until you complete the work... all i can say is that what i like the most is your "taddaaaa! :-)" comment... ... ... ... ... LOL...

    now seriously, this guy needs that change of wheels you mentioned, because it looks a bit too much like a toy... =P =)

    ohhhhhhh !!! and now i can see the complete info of my blog in your blog list... YIIIPEEEEEE !!!... GREAT !!! (OK, OK calm down LOL) =D

  2. taddaaaa!....--- I think it will make the readers become excited as I am hahaha!

    for the wheel yes... it doesn't look well. I hope I can find a good one. - now I got a problem.

    YIIIPEEEEEE !!!... GREAT !!! --that's the real excitement... haha. I am very disappointed not seeing your blog's feed so I really searched for it.

    it should be not the regular url then taddddaaa! it worked. LOL

    Thanks for being here again. btw, I posted about lego before this post. I think you should also know about it in case the news hasn't reached you yet.


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