Friday, October 26, 2012

HW Variant Revealers fr 10-pk

The most exciting part in collecting diecast especially, those by Hot Wheels is it's always like hunting for the treasures.

Hot Wheels is fond of producing variants and sometimes you'll be surprised that there is this variant for the car they produced originally. There are also this called error variant - these cars are those that has factory defects (eg. mismatched wheels, missing parts, error on paint) or the result isn't what is expected. Sometimes it's hard to determine if it is actually a real variant or just an error. The best example of common variants that collectors have to check are base variants, paint variants and wheel variants.

As a collector, looking for these variants gives me some sort of excitement and happiness when I found one. It's like you found a treasure yourself that other collectors doesn't have. Having rare items in your collection isn't just keeping toys in your cabinet but gold and diamond in a treasure box.

I have few rare items in my collection and I'm very proud that I own them plus the fact that I got most of them for a very descent price - you don't buy treasure, you just give effort to dig and find them :D

Recently, I got these great addition to my collection of Shelby Cobra 427 or the Classic Cobra.

HW Revealers from 10-pack.

I got them sealed inside their baggie. I only need one so I decided to sell the other one. I immediately posted my extra piece online and it quickly got reserved to an online buyer. Suddenly, I received a private message from a co-cobra collector that he's also interested if the other one is painted with "pearl white". I was surprised that there is another variant of this. He said additionally that the original release is painted with flat/matte white and that he already have.

I was hesitant that these Shelby's I have are variants. The one I kept is actually pearl white and this is the rare one. So there is a higher chance that the other one is a regular release and is a flat white! The problem is, once I opened it and they're the same, I can't sell it at that price anymore plus I have to apologize to the first buyer because I promised that it's 100% sealed!

I had to take the risk for my curiosity or else, it will give me sleepless nights LOL!

And the best part is, when the treasure reveals itself :D

Pearl White paint 
Flat White paint

Compare them with each other. Left: Pearl white, Right: Flat white. (Click to enlarge the picture for closer look)

Closer. The one painted with Pearl White (left) is somewhat yellowish and glossy and the one on Flat White (right) is whiter and the texture is rough.

I'm very thankful to my co-Shelby Cobra collector, Mike. He saved these twins from being apart from each other LOL! And because of that, I owe him one Pearl White Cobra hahaha!

I know we (collectors) are weird when it comes to this part. I mean why would you buy the same item?? We'll basically, it's not the same. They have different color, texture and... value :D

'til next the post everyone :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

POP Heroes Superman

Let's take a break from diecast and view something new ;)

What if one day you find something you want in a mall but you decided not to buy it for some reason... and to your surprise, you suddenly find it inside your bag... what will you do? :D

It happened to me a year ago. Of course, I didn't steal it! It just popped out :D

This is a gift to me but given in a very different way - a POP Heroes Superman by Funko. I'm not a fan of Superman. I just don't like how he looks :( You know... undies should be worn inside, not outside your pants. (That's an old joke I know) hahaha! Though, most superheroes love to do that LOL. I'm just not convinced about his power. Batman and Ironman has more realistic powers ;) 

But you can't deny the cuteness of this POP Heroes that's why I considered to buy it :D and thanks to my friend who's not a fan of him too to give this to me. For me it's impulsive buying if I'm the one to buy it LOL!

It's a very simple figure. Approximately, 5 inches in height.

Back then, it costs very reasonable for its feature and I can say, it's really cheap for those serious collectors. But the demand went high and they realized that it can be sold at a higher cost than its current cost in the market. Or this is just their strategy to get people to buy. Who knows? Well, business is business.. I should have predicted that from the start and completed this series :(

The head is articulated that's the only pose I can do with it but... is it really necessary to emphasize the bangs?

That's all for the Superman show. I hope you liked it too ;)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mod #7 Classic Packard Rat Rod

If you still remember the Classic Packard that I chopped to turn it into a rat rod, well I'm very happy to announce that it's officially a rat rod now! Hahaha.

You may find the first part of construction here: Part 1

Here are some pictures when I was still working on it:

I took the engine off this Jeep. Well, this won't go to waste because I have better plans for it :)

My first time to try wiring. It's so cool! You just have to be very patient ;)

And the finished product:

My very first Rat Rod ;)

'til the next post ;)

Friday, October 5, 2012

HW Carroll Shelby 2-pk car set

One of the recent additions to my collection is a 2 pack box set 100% Hot Wheels. This contains a Shelby Series 1 and a Cobra 427.

As of now, this is the last 100% Hot Wheels that I need for my AC Cobra collection so I'm quite happy that I finally got one from eBay. I thought it wouldn't be easy to find this locally unless there's a kind collector who would want to pass on a treasure like this to me :D

The packaging itself is captivating.The two cars look more elegant with Carroll Shelby's signature on the base.

Shelby Series 1. Its name speaks for itself, literally. As I've read, this is the first car that is a "pure" Shelby, meaning everything in it is created/designed by the late Carroll Shelby - that's pretty cool and now I have its replica. :)

And of course, the Shelby Cobra 427, one of the greatest automotive icons of all time  - and the reason why I bought this box set :D just look at that sexy little cobra hahaha.

They look good together. Father and son.. I mean son and father LOL. I just love the color scheme and the background. It makes those cars look sharp.

This is one thing I love about Hot Wheels, they know how to please the collectors. :D

And on both sides of the box, there are pictures of the anatomy of the Shelby Cobra and it's V8 engine. Really cool.

I was very excited when I opened it for the photo shoot and I'm happy about the output.

Thanks for viewing :)
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