Sunday, February 10, 2013

Banpresto Pirate King Luffy

Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying the weekend like I do :D maybe you're guessing I enjoyed it because I have a new bought toy. Well, you're partially right because I indeed have a new toy but, I didn't buy it. It's my friend's gift to me :)

On December, a friend of mine went to Japan to visit her family. I jokingly told her to bring me some pasalubong / souvenir from there and in return, I'll give her something also from Qatar haha so that was the deal.

Yesterday, I went to their house with another friend of ours to help her out with her thesis because she's graduating from college but the supposedly "mock defense" ended up as our bonding time... ah.. that's another story. She suddenly gave me something telling me it's her pasalubong and I was surprised and felt a bit embarrassed because I actually forgot our deal! Not that I didn't buy anything for her, I just left it home haha. I admit it to her and promise to bring it next time we meet hahaha. Thanks my friend :D

I thought she's going to give me a keychain, an Anime keychain perhaps but I'm glad she knows about my One Piece collection so she gave this one to me :D

Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy vinyl figure by Banpresto. It is approximately 3 - 4 inches tall and believe me, the details are so... just look at it hahaha

There are 3 parts for the figure: the head (yes it's removable), body and Luffy's hat. There is also the stand in the package.

Be the judge of the detail :D

Side view. Again, check out the details - yeah I'm very enthusiastic about this figure hahaha! Apologies for that *ehem*

And to show my enthusiasm, here's a dramatic photo in monochrome.

I would've love this picture more if I was able to make the straw hat flying or in motion but I don't know how to do it or how to set it up. Maybe next time I'll try that haha!

Okay so that's all for now guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this post :) 'til next time :)

P.S. I just remembered my last post was also about toys I received as a gift and this one now... Haha it seems I don't need to spend now to buy toys eh? LOL. I'm grateful for all these wonderful gifts and most of all I'm very grateful that I have such wonderful friends :)


  1. hi there !!! =PPPPP

    is good to hear about the generosity of friends with us, the suffering collectors, around the world... LOLOLOLOLOL...

    that’s a great gift pal, congrats !!! actually Banpresto has a very good QC in their products and this one is not the exception... this is Chibi style, right ??? (not gangnam style =PPPPP)

    P.S. i noticed you used more light this time in your pics and the details in the figure just pops up nicely !!! =D

  2. yes it's a Chioi forgot to mention that! hahaha! wow I'm glad you noticed so it means it's really effective haha. Thanks a lot ;)

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