Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Gifts 2012

I just realized that I haven't posted the presents I received last Christmas and of course, I'll only post the toys here haha. I think this is also my way to show gratitude for these gifts and I am very happy that my friends and family support my hobby :D

The first one I got is from a family friend in Qatar. I'm not really sure how they learned about my interest in vintage cars. I'm so surprised when they gave me this. A Maisto 1:24 1967 Volkswagen 1600 Squareback. Seeing this car reminds me of pictures of the old days though, I wasn't born yet at that time LOL.

It has opening doors which most model in this scale has. I also love the rims they are very classic.

And like the VW Beetle, the trunk is in front. It's just frustrating that Maisto didn't add too much detail on the interior parts here.

But I thought it would be a nice ride for the boss.

The next one is my cousin's gift to me. This one is so funny because she was really excited to give this to me and she kept on telling that it is for my collection. When I asked what is it, she said it is from Star Trek but she's not familiar with the character. I started laughing because I didn't even watched Star Trek and generally speaking, I don't know anything about Star Trek haha. I remembered I saw some of these figures on sale in a toy store so I told her about that but she denied that it is on sale LOL!

Anyway, it's the thought that counts so it doesn't matter to me who this character is and of course it is my cousin's present haha so I'm definiltely keeping it in my collection... if I don't, she won't give me another toy present next Christmas. Errr..

The package includes the figure (Original Spock), his base, extra hand, and another base.

This is the back part of the packaging. I don't know anyone of the characters LOL. But that Transporter Room that you can build when you complete the series is so cool. It reminds me of the Iron Man Armory.

So that's all. These are two toy presents I received last Christmas hahaha always like a kiddo.. I hope you enjoyed reading too.

P.S. If you noticed, I changed my watermark because until now I'm trying to improve it hahaha. And also I tried using a blue backdrop for a change. I would love to try other colors next time as well :)

Thanks for visiting Hobby Dumpy. 'til next time :)

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  1. i would like have received gifts like these in my Christmas, but this is my second Christmas alone and my family are reluctant to give me this kind of stuff (they say i have way too much already... =@@@@@) the gifts for my collection are on my own and i gave myself a few of them... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    i’m a bit familiarized with Star Trek, i watched some chapters of the TV Series and some movies too, but the collectibles related are not my cup of coffee, however as a gift i would receive them gladly...

    the diecast, on the other hand, is very nice... Volkswagen has some of the most classic and distinctive car design out there and this one has the correct resemblance... but as you said, you cannot expect top notch detail from a Maisto... i dunno if this brand once had a good reputation but i remember the old models by Burago were fantastic !!!

    the new watermark is a noticeable improvement and the blue background is refreshing, congrats pal !!!... maybe a bit more of light could highlight better the details in these pieces... O.o =)


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