Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or Treat?


I opened my Hot Wheels Ecto-1 yesterday. I have a better plan for this >:)

I am a carded collector that's why whenever I open one, I am always careful with their cards but the weird thing is that I don't keep those cards at all. Maybe I just don't want to destroy it.

So when I opened it, I tried using a cutter.

No good.

Acetone is better. Believe me I tried it before. (if you want to keep the cards :-) )

Free at last!

Ready to catch ghosts this Halloween :)

Let's wait for the modified version B-)

Thanks for looking!

Just glue it

You're school glue can be your diecast glue.

I found an ordinary glue in my cabinet. I tried what the DCPH member said in his tutorial that we can use an ordinary glue for our customized diecast.

This is what I used to re-attach the base to the body of the car since I removed the rivet. This can't be removed easily but I guess not as strong as those expensive adhesives though, I can say this is also better to use if you want to disassemble again your diecast in the future. Anyway, these toys are just for display.

No need to buy an expensive glue for your precious modified diecast :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mod #3 Weathered Effect

Remember the noisy pickup during the drill session?

Say "Hi" :)

It is now a WIP at last!

I will try the weathering effect on this pickup (though it is already weathered, to start with). This looks like a good casting to practice on :)

I'm glad I had this particular paint. It was accidentally been added to my box when I was buying some. I couldn't find a gray or white primer and this was the only primer paint available that time so I bought it. At first I didn't like it but I found out soon enough that it can give a "rusty effect."

So now I can start my weathering effect yey! :)

I'm not sure how long it will take me to finish this. Maybe a week or two? depending on my "busy" sched. I have lots of things to paint! Including our house. Lol kidding.

These are my references for this project:

So I have a tip for you now....

Tip: you can use primer red for weathering effect ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mod #2 Shelby Cobra 427

Back to business.

Today, I was able to modify my Hotwheels Shelby Cobra.

Nothing special but the flames ;)

Black flames?

This is actually my first time to try putting flames. It's hard, I must admit plus I just used spray can for painting.

It doesn't look so hot though.....

Hope you enjoy :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fish or Alien?

After so many tries, I've come up with a new header. This looks better than those I created before. I find it simple and cute.

I tried adding some designs in the header aside from my blog's name. I decided to put some cute creatures to make it funny and lively.. I think they're funny.

from my "hiphop" themed banner to these aliens

They're both cute but I prefer the latter. Maybe 'cause it looks simpler and because I created those creatures myself :)

And because I enjoyed making these creatures, I ended up having this one...

I don't know where I got the idea. At first, without the wings and antenna, it looks like Squirtle (Pokemon) then when I added the wings or should I say the fins.. it now looks like Nemo!

Plus the antenna?hmmmm..

P.S. Thanks to for the fonts I used in my blog header.

P.P.S Currently downloading Adobe Illustrator. I just used Photoshop to make these characters. Probably it'll be easier when using Illustrator :)


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wazzup Johnny?

Here are my precious Johnny Lightning Shelby Cobras :)

This Coca Cola JL (Ice Cold) is one of my favorites. It is also one of the Cobras that started my collection :)


Recent JL's I acquired 

And of course.. the main dish...

Let's go classic with Elvis Presley! :)

"..You ain't nothin' but a hound dog.."

Although some of the cards are not in mint condition, I still have no guts to set these cars loose. Regardless of the folds and scratches on the package, they still add presentation and somewhat value to these diecast cars.

Man, they're no Johnny Lightning without their collectible cards!

Mod #1 Messing with paint

What I did today.

It was a nice weather so I started my first mod! :)

Meyers Manx - my first line of collection before I started with Shelby Cobras. This is a very nice casting from Hot Wheels. Like the Mini Cooper, it's cute :)

So I decided to try this one first..

First step was to remove the original paint then coat it with primer.


I wasn't so patient so while waiting for the Meyers Manx to dry, I decided to strip the Cobra >:)

I learned about this paint stripper from DCPH

"Strips all kinds of paint"

This is my favorite part... watching the paint slowly being removed from the metal.


Now, the Cobra is naked and my Manx is waiting for its coat.

Proceed with masking. 
Hmm...  what should be the design?

Painted half of the Manx with metallic red.

Then the other half with blue metallic. Quite a nice combination :) 

I was planning to leave the hood white and put some decals on it to make it a Philippine flag. Well, that was the original plan.

Until... I found out that the paint I applied was too thick! - because of being impatient... It didn't dry quickly. That is why when I touched it, thinking it is already dry... I accidentally smudged the paint.

Oh well.. "first time".

Then after third try, Yes! third try.. I wasted so much paint stripper and paint with this small piece of metal.

This is the result..

I love metallic colors now :) But I will try flat colors next time.

Finally :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Drill 101

I woke up early this morning to try drilling. Can't hide the excitement eh? :-)

I have here two castings from Hotwheels. Pickup (left) and the Cobra (right)

Let's try with the pickup first. (so I can still save the Cobra if something bad happened to this one :-])

Started drilling the rivet. I was so careful not to over drill it so I had to do it slowly...

Done! :)

Now I just have to pull the base. There is a lock on the other side of the base but it doesn't need a drill at all. Just slide the base.

I did the same with the Cobra. Slowly but surely ;)

For the meantime, I placed them in a plastic including the interiors. They will stay there until I get some paint.

I guess I did good for my first time :)

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