Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mod #5 Mr. Bean's Mini WIP part 3

Whew! Sorry guys for the long wait. It's been long lazy months since I last did customs! It's frustrating for me to realize this project has been pending for a long time. So today I decided to post the very slow progress. I can say this is 90% done.

I want it to be a close replica of Mr. Bean's ride so I didn't stop with just replicating the paint but I added other designs too to make it just like the real car.

One of those is the funny padlock. 

The material used was an old top up card filled with epoxy and wire for the connector and the hook of the padlock.

Detailed the headlights.

And taddaaaa! :-)

But this is just 90% done. I want to put a decal for the car plate just like Mr. Bean's and some other stuff to add. I might do a wheel swap too if I find better wheels.

You may check:

Lego LOTR coming soon!

It is confirmed! Lego has finally come to produce Lord of the Rings minifigures!

Well, I've been hearing about this since last year but I thought 'em to be just rumors, some said it is their competitor that will produce the minifigs (oops.. if it is them then it won't be called minigifs! LOL). And it is just now that I gave time to check this on web - oh laziness! Anyway, I'm glad that it is true after all!

I am very excited about these minifigures. It is just recently that I got hooked on LOTR. And as a toy collector, I always want to have a model/replica/souvenir of my favorite movie/cars/characters so this news by Lego is a much awaited event for me.

I have to save and prepare my budget for this one. It won't be happy days for my wallet LOL!

Monday, February 27, 2012

AC Ace Bristol

The father of the Cobra is here.


A.C. introduced AC Ace in 1957. Engineered by John Tojiero, it is a two-seater with aluminum-alloy body and built atop a lightweight tubular chassis that had a fully independent suspension and powered by a six-cylinder engine. After Three years, the Bristol version was introduced and gave the car a better performance.

It became popular in motor sports. One of the best moment for AC Ace is it's appearance in LeMans in 1957 when it placed seventh in overall This was followed by an eighth place at the 1958 edition. During this time the Ace provided direct competition to the Jaguar XK 120 and 140, Austin-Healey 100M and Porsche 356 Speedster.

In 1961, AC charged their engine once again to a 2553cc Zepher unit. Only 46 were made with it, and had a more prominent front air intake. One of these models was purchased by Carroll Shelby, no doubt inspired by the cars performance at LeMans. He convinced the Hurlocks that Ford's small-block V8 was the way to go.

After 680 cars were built, the Ace was succeeded by the Ford V8-powered Cobra. Since idea was simple and development was completed quickly and this British-American hybrid became an instant winner.

Comment: This car looks very classic indeed and like what I always admire in Shelby Cobra. Its design always stands out. It looks perfect in black and red interior.

P.S. After looking at the pictures, I just noticed that it also resembles the old Corvette.

Friday, February 24, 2012

HW Shelby Cobra 427 Muscle Mania

I was organizing my favorite line of collection in their new home (hurrah!) when I got an idea to take pictures of my complete (as of now) Muscle Mania Shelby Cobra by Hot Wheels before they dwell in their apartments. I said "as of now" because Hot Wheels is very fond of producing variations like wheels, mirrors, bases, and sometimes error variations! I don't know if they do it on purpose but it annoys me sometimes haha. I hope they don't do it with this series.

Without further ado, here they are :)

Mtflk Grey, w/Black & Gold stripes on sides & across top, flames on sides, Black Malaysia Base, w/GoldMC5's  
Red, w/Yellow & Silver stripes on sides & across top, flames on sides, Black Malaysia Base, w/GoldMC5's

Teal, w/White & Silver stripes on sides & across top, flames on sides, Chrome Malaysia Base, w/5SP's


Group picture.

Descriptions are from

Hope you enjoyed the show! ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pokemon Shaymin (Sky Form)

I found a new place for toy hunting!

This is not a new store or establishment. I've been hearing about this place for quite a long time. They say there are a lot of cheap diecast and toys there but the place is quite far from my house so it's just now that I tried to visit. They were right about the diecast cars, very cheap indeed compared to the mall prices. Despite of the inexpensive merchandise, it was disappointing because I did not find a single Shelby Cobra the whole time I was there. Not even a shadow of it!

But it wasn't bad at all for I bagged some Hot Wheels Larry's Garage and my mission is to get those hot wheels from these cars >:)

Aside from diecast cars, I got something familiar. In my previous post, I mentioned that Shaymin has a sky form. Guess what? Today's toy hunting trip yielded a Shaymin sky form keychain! Coincidence? No. It's definitely fate's hand at work.

Unlike its land form counterpart, this one is not made by Bandai but is also licensed under Nintendo and Game Freaks.

I removed the chain.

With its Land Form! The size really matched :)

Definitely cute together!!!

Thanks for looking! And happy toy hunting to you guys! :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Space Happy Meal

Let's have a break with diecasts toys and animes.

Today, I will be blogging about one of my McDonald's Happy Meal toys during my childhood. As I remember, this is the first "series" of Happy Meal toys that I completed, probably because there are just four of them to collect.

Released in 1997
I don't know if Happy Meal toys' value increases as time goes by, but for me this toy should have increased it's value for it is kept for 15 years! This was released in 1997 and I was 8 when I got it. Such a lucky toy to survive from the hands of an 8 year old.

Grimace as the "head" of the spaceship or the control part. - Sorry I don't really know the parts of a spaceship!

Ronald McDonald as the body part. Ronald has the most awkward position here. I bet it's not easy to be in that position for 15 years (and counting).

Hamburglar and Birdie at the lower part of the spaceship.

Ready to launch!

Ronald McDonald: Whoa! at last after 15 years I got to stand on my feet and not upside down!

Now I know the reason why Ronald's hair is red.

Hamburglar is quite a questionable character/mascot here. Why did they choose a burglar to represent the hamburger? And McDonald's is a place for children...

Of course, there's also Birdie! They were very creative in choosing her name LOL! I love birdie and McDonald's Fried Chicken :)

Grimace! He's really cute and my favorite McDonald's character too! But can anyone remind me what food he really represents??

If you'll notice his face is darker / yellowish. Probably it's because he's in that vehicle for quite a long time. Nice tanned face Grimace hahaha!

McDonald's family :)

I hope you like them.

Thanks for looking ;)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pokemon Shaymin

From my previous post, Shaymin (Land Form) Pokemon.

I can't stop taking pictures of Shaymin. It's so cute! I want to have an army of Shaymin LOL!

Here are some pictures that will make you want it too hahaha!

Thanks for looking! :3

Gotta Catch 'em All

Toy hunting today was really worth it. I bagged two items that made my day.

First stop was at my favorite toy/hobby shop. They're on sale since last week but couldn't find anything to add to my collection. Today, hoping I'd found something new, I approached the sales lady who's smiling at me when I arrived, asking if they have new "Shelby Cobra" in stock (well, she remembers me because of Shelby Cobra). Then she showed me all the Cobras they have. At first, I thought there's nothing new as I was just there last week. But after checking all the Cobras she showed me, I immediately took one that caught my attention... and it's positive--it will be added to my Cobra collection! Ah, the feeling that I found a treasure I've been looking for so long LOL!

Well, there is nothing really special with this Shelby Cobra by Hot Wheels. This is not very rare either but it is just finding it yourself gives happiness and pleasure. The fact that this is not available in stores anymore for it was released in 1999 and I can say "hey, I found it myself!"

I also have a loose car of this but  it is from a 5-pack which I bought from another collector so I won't be tempted to open this one. I'll just display it with its card like my other Shelby Cobras. To preserve the condition of the cards, I put them inside a Protekto Pack. I'm quite careful with the way I handle and store my diecasts and their cards LOL!

Then next stop was a small toy store that's similar to Toys R Us. It is called Toy Town and guess what, they're on sale too! I guess stores are on a Valentine's sale - if there's such a thing LOL!

Then I got my eye on this lovely (suits the Valentines season) and cute Pokemon! That's not all, it gave me the sign that I'll be its master when I saw the price. Man, a 30 pesos or approximately 0.70 USD toy inside the mall! And it is made by Bandai :-)

I didn't know Bandai also produce Pokemon toys. I usually see ones that are made by Tomy. When I was a kid I also collect Pokemon toys. I wonder where they are now :(

This is Shaymin from the episode Giratina and the Sky Warrior. A grass-type Pokemon. It has two forms, this one I have is it's Land Form and the other one is the Sky Form - the Pokemon at the bottom right picture on the box.


This Pokemon made by Bandai is bigger than those Tomy has produced.

Like Tomy's, there is no articulation for this figure.

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